GoldMine Business Contact Manager Upgrade Protection Program - (UPP)

Question: What is the Upgrade Protection Program?

 Answer: The Upgrade Protection Program (UPP) provides you with a simple way to keep your GoldMine up-to-date with the latest versions available, by providing you with guaranteed access to a year's subscription of both in-line updates and version upgrades on a per-user fee basis, via the Internet.

 The UPP is available ONLY on a "1:1" ratio for the total GoldMine and GoldSync licenses owned (i.e., you cannot purchase UPP for only some of your users or only for GoldMine seats when GoldSync licenses exist).

 Question: Why is FrontRange introducing the Upgrade Protection Program?

 Answer: The new Upgrade Protection Program (UPP) has been developed to bring FrontRange in line with the software industry as a whole, which is moving to Version Insurance/Version Upgrade/Software Assurance plans on a broad scale. In addition, FrontRange is offering its UPP for GoldMine at an annual price point that matches the cost of paying for a major upgrade once every two years (which has been the historical trend).


Question: As an existing GoldMine customer, how do I upgrade to GoldMine 6.0?

 Answer: All existing GoldMine 5.x and below customers will be able to upgrade to GoldMine 6.0 ONLY by purchasing a UPP subscription from a FrontRange Solution Partner such as Seahorse Data. 

To place an order for UPP and gain access to the current version for all of your licensed GoldMine users and GoldSync sites, you must first place an order for UPP with Seahorse Data.  This purchase order must contain the following information:

 o GoldMine Serial Number (including GoldSync serial numbers if applicable)

o Version & Build

o Customer Company/Business Name

o Payment for UPP (as arranged with Seahorse Data)

 All of the information required by UPP can be found under the following locations in your GoldMine system:

 o Company/Customer Registration data - Help | Update GoldMine on the Registration tab of the window

o Company/Customer Licensing/Serial Number data - File | Configure GoldMine | License Manager

 Seahorse Data will then place the order with FrontRange Solutions.  FrontRange Solutions will validate the information supplied for accuracy.  Once processed, Seahorse Data will receive your UPP ID, and pass it on to you. 

 In order to update your GoldMine, Seahorse Data staff will assist you if required to complete the NetUpdate Process with your new UPP ID, otherwise, you may complete the update process yourself.

 Question: What about GoldMine 3.x and 2.5a customers? Can we also purchase UPP? 

Answer:  YES. Existing GoldMine 3.x and 2.5a customers can also purchase a UPP subscription to upgrade to GoldMine 6.0, but because these earlier versions of GoldMine do not support NetUpdate, the process for you is a little different. If this situation applies to you, we recommend you contact Seahorse Data for more information.


Question: What is the Upgrade Protection Program's subscription period?

 Answer: UPP purchases are valid for a one calendar year period from their activation date and may be renewed annually by you at prevailing prices. UPP purchases are available in one-year block increments only, i.e., you may NOT purchase two years of UPP.

 However, UPP purchases can be prorated for periods shorter than a year for additional users purchased during the annual program for UPP (please refer to the Question: Can we purchase the Upgrade Protection Program for additional licenses? for details). 


Question: Does the Upgrade Protection Program cover "bug fixes"?

 Answer: YES. Bug fixes (patches) are available with both the in-line updates and major versions that are released during the UPP annual contract period.

 NOTE: Releases with 'Bug' fixes only will be available to customers, for the applicable version, who are NOT part of the UPP, but who are registered through NetUpdate via the Internet. This is a change in FrontRange software policies as patches (bug fix only releases) were not previously available.


Question: Is the Upgrade Protection Program available for all of our FrontRange product users?

 Answer: NO. The UPP is available to users of GoldMine dBase version ONLY. The UPP is not available to HEAT, HEAT PowerDesk, HEAT SelfService, iHEAT, HEAT Asset Tracker, GoldMine Sales & Marketing, or GoldMine Everywhere users.

 NOTE: GoldMine 4.0 Enterprise with SQL Embedded customers would not qualify for the UPP, as their upgrade path is to the current release of GoldMine Sales & Marketing and requires the purchase of a Maintenance and Support contract.


Question: Can we purchase the Upgrade Protection Program for additional licenses? 

Answer: YES. You may purchase additional UPP subscriptions to cover any new, add-on GoldMine licenses you buy after an initial purchase. However, the UPP is available ONLY on a "1:1" ratio for the total GoldMine and GoldSync licenses owned (i.e. you cannot purchase UPP for only some of your users).

 For example, if you buy 10 licenses of GoldMine on 1 February, 2003, along with a year of UPP, which is set to expire on 1 February, 2004, and then purchase an additional 5 new GoldMine licenses on 1June, 2003, the UPP program for those 5 licenses is 1 June, 2003 through 1 February, 2004. Therefore, 8 months of UPP must also be sold in conjunction with the additional order for 5 licenses.

(Total cost of licenses / 12 months).


Question: Does the Upgrade Protection Program cover GoldSync?

 Answer: YES. UPP for GoldSync works the same way as for GoldMine licenses. You must pay $99 (incl GST) per seat (or $165 (incl GST), depending on prior version) for each license of GoldMine and GoldSync use currently own. For example, if you have 5 users of GoldMine 5.5 and 2 GoldSync site licenses, you must purchase 7 units of UPP at $99 (incl GST) each.


Question: What happens if we buy the Upgrade Protection Program and then migrate to GoldMine Sales & Marketing?

 Answer: If you have not taken advantage of the full term for your UPP before you upgrade to GoldMine Sales & Marketing, then FrontRange Solutions will prorate the contract time remaining and apply that amount to the new, annual Maintenance and Support contract, which is required for any GoldMine Sales & Marketing product purchase.


Question: How will existing Undocked Users upgrade to GoldMine?  

Answer: By default, NetUpdate blocks all license types, except Master D licenses, from updating when they access Help | Update GoldMine in order to validate that they have purchased UPP.

 However, after you have purchased the UPP, the GoldMine Administrator may manually authorise users with U- or S-type licenses derived from the Master license to download the necessary install files (gm6setup.exe) via NetUpdate. Please contact Seahorse Data for more information on this topic.


Question: What does the Upgrade Protection Program cost for new UPP users?


All GoldMine 5.x users and above (including new purchasers of GoldMine 6.0) can purchase a one year UPP subscription for AUD$99 (incl GST) per user.

  All GoldMine 4.x users and below can purchase a one year UPP subscription for AUD$165 (incl. GST) per user.